For centuries, Jews have Lived and Flourished in Mumbai, India.
Our Film Tells Their Story.

The Story

For centuries, Jews have lived and flourished in Mumbai enjoying freedom of religion and treated with respect coexisting with all other religions continuing to this day to shape and contribute to Indian society.


Our Mission

Join us on this exciting new journey we have embarked upon to discover India’s different Jewish communities and how they continue to exist and flourish today, contributing to India on many levels and different ways, from high ranking generals and heroes of war to Bollywood stars, academics and even famous chefs. 

Help Us Tell Their Story

Indian Jews now living in Israel that still consider India their home and live partly in both countries as if they were just separate states. They love them both, 

Our film will tell their story, and honor and celebrate India as the last safe haven of religious tolerance left in the region.

Where else can millions from so many religions live together in harmony?

Join us on this Exciting Journey...


Jerusalem and Mumbai, India are separated by a distance of 4,010 km